Shade tree benefits you didn't know

Oct 27, 2017

Credit Dan Gill / LSU AgCenter

Medium to large shade trees provide benefits when you put them in your yard. These benefits inclue air purification, the removal of CO2 and other greenhouse gases from the air, and a moderation of the micro-climate in your yard and in your home.

Shade trees will keep home cooler in summer by blocking the heat of the sun and will keep home warmer in winter by blocking heat-sapping winds. But there's more.

Other benefits include storm water management. A large shade tree will intercept water before it ever hits the ground and root systems will increase the absorption capacity of your soil by loosening soil that might otherwise be compacted.

In Livingston Parish, be aware of the flood recovery tree giveaway this weekend at Denham Springs High School. On Saturday, October 28 from 10am to 2pm, there will be 1,000 3-gallon trees to give away for free on a first-come, first-served bases. Please observe a limit of one tree per person and a limit of two per household.