Hurricane Season Is Time To Critique Your Trees

Jun 9, 2018

Credit LSU AgCenter

It's hurricane season. It's time to look at the trees in your landscape. Do you see trees with large dead branches? Any completely dead trees? They should be pruned or removed. A sickly tree that is low in vigor or that is showing significant signs of decay or rotten areas in the trunk should be questioned, since it might be a threat in a wind storm.

Look at trees that might be a bit one-sided. They're liable to topple in soft soil after extreme amounts of rain. Selective pruning can remove some weight in the heavy side of trees in this condition.

When you need significant work done to a tree, consider employing a trained professional. A licensed arborist is trained and is someone who makes a career out of caring for urban forests. Ask to see certificats of insurance, including proof of liability and worker's compensation.