Giving Thanks

Nov 23, 2017

What are you thankful for this year? Here’s what some of your state officials said…

Gov. John Bel Edwards says: "I am thankful still to be the governor of the great state of Louisiana. This is the most wonderful state in the nation. The people are good, hard-working, generous. And on a similar fashion, I'm very thankful that in terms of the natural disasters this year, that Louisiana fared much better than last year. And so we were able then to focus our efforts on helping our neighbors. So I'm very, very thankful to that."

Speaker Pro-Tem Walt Leger says his family has been blessed — with more to come.

"I'm thankful for a beautiful daughter who's 15-months-old and another child on the way in May. For the state of Louisiana, I'm grateful that — of all the struggles and the difficulties we've had with our budget picture — beginning to invest again in higher education is something I'm incredibly thankful for. And I think the people of this state will be grateful for it in years to come."

Appropriations chairman Cameron Henry is concise in his thankfulness: "A happy, healthy family, healthy wife, good friends — can't get any better than that."

Family and health top Baton Rouge Senator Regina Barrow's thanksgiving list, too.

"I am extremely thankful for my family — No. 1 — that we are in good health, and that I will be spending this Thanksgiving with my family — like always. But, in addition to that, as it relates to my legislative duties, I’m very thankful for the opening of the ER in north Baton Rouge. And I know as a result of that, many people’s lives will be saved."

Jonesboro Senator Jim Fannin says: "I'm thankful just to be able to get up and get about. I see so many folks that are not and have so many friends that are not. And I'm thankful for my health and my family. But I'm still thankful to be able to serve the folks of Louisiana."

I'm with Senator Fannin — thankful for health, family, friends — and for all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving.