Baton Rouge Musician Pays Homage to Tabby Thomas with Listening Room

Feb 13, 2014

One local musician is looking to revive the spirit of Tabby Thomas’ Blues Box in Baton Rouge. Henry Turner a Louisiana reggae, blues, soul and funk musician. He has been touring with his band for the last two decades. But, Tabby’s Blues Box used to be the only place in town where he could play.

“Tabby being an artist and musician, he knew the difference in music and our theory became, from the Blues Box, that there’s only two kinds of music: good and bad," Turner laughs. 

Turner wants to give musicians a chance to play shows without having to worry about making money.
Credit Ann Marie Awad / WRKF

Turner was a close friend of Tabby Thomas, who died last month, and often performed at the Blues Box. Now he plans to create what he calls a “talent incubator,” as well as an homage to an old friend. He says the focus his Listening Room will be music and nothing else. There won’t even be alcohol.

The walls of the new venue on North Street downtown are covered with memorabilia from Baton Rouge’s music scene. At the far end of the bar, there’s a picture of Turner with Tabby himself. The Henry Turner Jr. Listening room will host its grand opening show tonight at 8. Turner says to look for the guitar right above the door.