Adding House Plants To Your Summer Gardening Goals

Jul 14, 2018

Credit Dan Gill/LSU AgCenter

Far too hot to be gardening outside, but this shouldn't stop you from gardening indoors in the air conditioning.

There shouldn't be much to plant in your garden in July. This is the time for maintenance. There will still be weeding and watering and weekly grass mowing, of course, but this is not to say that you can't or shouldn't be planting anything this month.

But wouldn't you rather be inside? Adding houseplants to your living room, study, kitchen, or even bathroom can liven up the room.

Houseplants seem to be making a comeback with the younger generation. This could be because many millennials are living in rented housing or areas with small yards. Because of this push, houseplants are very easy to find in any nursery or garden center.

When you're picking out a houseplant, make sure it's coming from the houseplant section and not just a shaded area of the nursery. Be sure it's an appropriate plant for the area of the house where you want to put it. When you bring this houseplant home, don't repot it immediately. Keep it in its original container for a few months just to allow it to become acclimated.