70 Percent Dead Of COVID-19 In Louisiana Were Black, 66 Percent Had Hypertension, New Data Shows

Apr 7, 2020
Originally published on August 12, 2020 4:44 pm

The Louisiana Department of Health released new information on race, ethnicity and underlying conditions of those who have died of COVID-19.

That includes two big pieces of information mentioned by Gov. John Bel Edwards at his press conference yesterday: 70.48 percent of those who have died of COVID-19 so far in Louisiana were black and 66.4 percent had hypertension. 

Previously, the most prevelant underlying condition was given as diabetes — present in 40 percent of the dead.

Here's the full breakdown of race:

Black: 70.48 percent

White: 28.61 percent

Asian: .9 percent


Non-Hispanic/Latino: 98 percent

Hispanic/Latino: 2 percent

Underlying conditions:

Hypertension: 66.4 percent

Diabetes: 43.52 percent

Chronic kidney disease: 25.1 percent

Obesity: 24.7 percent

Cardiac disease: 22.67 percent

Pulmonary: 13.97 percent

Congestive heart failure: 11.54 percent

Neurological: 10.93 percent

Cancer: 9.92 percent

Asthma: 4.66 percent

This information will be updated weekly, according to the state.

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