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Three Rs Enter the PSC Race

Sue Lincoln
L to R: Greene, Baldone, Whitney

Remember Scott Angelle and his catchphrase from the 2015 Governor’s race?

“The name is Angelle. It has two Ls and it stands for ‘Loves Louisiana’.”

After filing to win the 3rd Congressional District race in fall 2016, he’s gone to work for the Trump Administration, so there’s an October 14th election to fill his unexpired term on the Public Service Commission.

So far, three Republicans have signed up to run. There’s political newcomer Craig Greene:

“I’m an orthopedic surgeon here in Baton Rouge,” Greene says, introducing himself.

When asked why he’s seeking this particular elected position, Greene says, “There’s a lot that goes on in the Public Service Commission -- a lot of business development that occurs there. And I think that the more people that are employed the better it is for everybody.”

Also entering the race is Damon Baldone, a Houma attorney.

“I’m currently the Public Service Commissioner at this time,” Baldone states proudly, though he is not technically the incumbent, since he wasn’t elected to the seat. He was appointed by Governor John Bel Edwards to fill the job until the election.

“During my conversation with the governor when he appointed me, I said I’m looking forward to running,” Baldone says, when asked whether the governor knew of the intention to stand for election to the post.

“He didn’t ask me, as a condition, to not run.”

A former state representative, Baldone is also a former Democrat.

“Now I’m affiliated with the Republican Party. It reflects my thoughts and views, and that of the district,” he says.

Another former state representative, Lenar Whitney, is running, as well.

“We have a tax-and-spend governor, so it’s very, very important that you have someone sitting in the regulatory seat that has fought against new taxes,” says Whitney, who currently serves on the Republican National Committee.

She may be best known for her 2014 congressional campaign video titled “Global Warming is a Hoax.”  She says she still believes that, and will vote accordingly, if elected to the PSC.

“I will certainly be supporting oil and gas companies, fracking, natural gas, coal, as part of what we need to do to fuel our economy,” says the Houma resident

PSC District 2 covers 13 parishes, and includes voters in the cities of Houma, Lafayette and Baton Rouge.