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3rd District Candidates Agree--To a Degree

screenshots by S. Lincoln

The runoff in the 3rd Congressional District pits Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle against former St. Landry Parish sheriff’s spokesman Clay Higgins. What do they think is the most pressing issue facing southwest Louisiana?

“I believe one of the biggest fights of our generation is what Washington is trying to do to the oil and gas industry,” Angelle says. “And if we allow them to succeed like they’ve succeeded bankrupting the coal industry, I think it changes our way of life here in south Louisiana forever.”

“The federal government’s boot is on the throat of the oil industry and it’s on purpose,” Higgins agrees. “They’ve restricted the oil and gas industry specifically to allow Saudi Arabia to sell oil for less than the cost of production. You know, personally I think Saudi Arabia should face sanctions for that.”

Both men are Republicans, and white. Considering the racial unrest sparked by the shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge this past summer, and this weekend’s mass shooting on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, what can be done in Washington to ease tensions?

“I’ve actually had a great deal of experience addressing race relations as a spokesman for law enforcement,” Higgins says.

Yet that “experience” ended with a cloud over Higgins, as he resigned after refusing Sheriff Bobby Guidroz’s order to tone down some his divisive rhetoric. Higgins still says he stands by what he said, then and now.

“My brothers and sisters of the thin blue line, they get it. We cannot allow this uncontrolled gang violence. This must be stopped.”

As for Angelle, he seemed taken aback by the question.

“We don’t divide districts by race; you represent an entire area,” Angelle states. “When you seek to serve, you don’t get to say ‘I’m for one demographic or another’, so race for me is not an issue.”

Early voting is under way, with election day on December 10th.