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Louisiana Secretary of State

For Louisiana, round one is done, with Congressmen Steve Scalise in the 1st, Cedric Richmond in the 2nd, Ralph Abraham in the 5th and Garret Graves in the 6th, all returning to Washington, D.C.

Round two however, begins today, as the 3rd and 4th congressional districts and the U.S. senate races all head to a runoff on December 10th.

“I’m so looking forward to the next 33 days,” Republican State Treasurer John Kennedy said last night.

“I look forward to a vigorous campaign against John Kennedy,” stated Democratic Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell.

They will meet in the senate runoff. Kennedy was expected to advance, but with 24 candidates in the race, it was nearly midnight before Campbell was declared the number two finisher.

“Good things always happen to people that wait.  I’m sorry it took so long,” Campbell sid, to laughter from his supporters.

In the 3rd congressional district – an open seat due to Charles Boustany running for senate -- two Republicans will be in the showdown: Scott Angelle and Clay Higgins.

“We’re going to go and campaign across the southern part of the state and we’re going to remind folks about what it is we can do,” Angelle said at his campaign party.

“We want our country back from the thieves in suits who have taken it,” Higgins promised his supporters.

And the 4th congressional district runoff will pit Democrat Marshall Jones against Republican Mike Johnson.

What can we expect to hear over the next month? Hopefully, with the new races, the candidates will have some new material.

“We don’t need more people riding in the wagon, we need more people pulling the wagon,” Angelle said last night, reprising a frequent line from his 2015 gubernatorial campaign.

And Kennedy repeated one of his favorite slogans, used throughout this campaign: “You can’t fix stupid, but you sure can vote it out.”