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Jindal and Edwards Families Share Lunch Today

Wallis Watkins

Today is the day 13-year-old John Miller Edwards gets his most pressing questions answered.

“We’re having lunch and we’re taking the kids so that they can all meet,” Governor-elect John Bel Edwards says of his son’s number one request made the night he was elected.

The Jindal family is hosting the Edwards family for a meal and a tour of the entire Governor’s Mansion today.

“We’re looking forward to seeing the residence portion of the Mansion for the first time,” Edwards says, with a grin.

Although Governor Jindal and the former leader of the legislature’s Democratic Caucus have been at odds politically for the past eight years, since the election they’ve made a connection – their sons.

“My children, as you may recall, are now 13, 11 and 9,” Jindal said. “He’s got a son in the 8th grade who is very interested to talk to my 11-year-old boy.”

Asked what he thinks the boys will discuss, Jindal said he thinks, “They are going to talk about the more practical things, you know, as opposed to Medicaid expansion and TOPS. I’m sure that Shaan will be more than happy to give him advice, in terms of what it’s like to be in the mansion.”

Edwards says his son isn’t the only curious one in the family.

“I know Donna has lots of questions, just about everyday life in the Mansion – things that most people wouldn’t think of.”

Bobby says he and Supriya are ready to answer -– after all, they once had questions themselves.

“It is odd when you think about living in a house with trustees and state troopers and others coming in and out at all hours of the day,” Jindal said. “There are a thousand, I’m sure, just practical day-to-day questions that you just want to ask somebody and you’re embarrassed to ask. Because unless somebody tells you, you just don’t know.”

“We’re excited about it,” Edwards says. “We’re looking forward to a good meeting and a good lunch.”