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Admitting Privilege Rules for Louisiana Abortion Providers Signed into Law

Doctors providing abortions in Louisiana will need admitting privileges at a nearby hospital according to a lawsigned by Gov. Bobby Jindal Thursday. 

Supporters of Louisiana’s new law say it’s aimed at protecting a woman in the event something goes wrong with an abortion.  

Advocates for access say the requirements could lead to the closure of all the clinics providing abortions in Louisiana, except for two in north Louisiana whose doctors already have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. 

The law goes into effect in September. But Ellie Schilling, a lawyer representing several of the Louisiana clinics, says they’re not packing it in just yet.  

“Their doctors will be attempting to get admitting privileges at hospitals within 30 miles," Schilling said. 

In Texas, where similar abortion rules were passed in 2013, hospitals revoked admitting privileges from two doctors citing threats of protest.  Following a lawsuit, those doctors had their privileges reinstated this week.