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Teacher Tenure, Compensation Act Headed To Court

Another major part of Governor Bobby Jindal's education reform package faces a court challenge Monday in Baton Rouge.

Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan says ACT 1, which changes teacher tenure rules, is illegal because it has too many different items with separate and distinct purposes.

Monaghan says the state's constitution clearly states that bills should be of one object.

"Act 1 covers everything from teach compensation and the complete revision of the compensation schedule to tenure, major changes in due process to tenure rights," said Monaghan.

Act 1 prohibits districts from using seniority as the primary factor in teacher layoff decisions and compensation would be tied to student achievement.

Bree Quinn is a member for Stand for Children in Louisiana and a middle school teacher in Baton Rouge. Quinn believes the "Talent Act" is good for public education. She believes it will force teachers to strive to be the best educator they possibly can be.

"As an education, Act 1 is something that really makes me excited because it's a way that I can provide frequent and direct feedback on how I'm effective as an educator and use that to get better at my profession," said Quinn.