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Life Raft: 'How Can I Reduce Flooding In My Neighborhood?'

Laura Sanders

Hey TriPod listeners! WWNO and WRKF want to introduce you to a new podcast of ours. It's called Life Raft. It's a show that explores questions about climate change, submitted by listeners like you. This episdode is all about street flooding.

More and more down South, it seems like when it rains, it pours. In New Orleans, several big rain storms in recent years have turned streets into rivers and flooded homes and cars.

This week on Life Raft: flooding. What can we do about it?

We drop by a bar that regularly floods, get the latest science on climate-induced rainfall, and visit with a New Orleanian who decided to get her hands dirty and take some action.

Here are some great resources for how to help reduce flooding in your neighborhood:

  • This workbook from WaterWise Gulf South is a great how-to guide for getting started on your own green infrastructure.
  • The Urban Conservancy has a program that reimburses New Orleanians for ripping up concrete in their yards.
  • Healthy Community Services (run by Angela Chalk, who you heard in Episode 1) also does lots of work around green infrastructure in New Orleans.

P.S. Here’s the legendary photo of “Darryl.”

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Travis Lux primarily contributes science and health stories to Louisiana's Lab. He studied anthropology and sociology at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, and picked up his first microphone at the Transom Story Workshop in Woods Hole, MA. In his spare time he loves to cook -- especially soups and casseroles.
Travis Lux
Travis is WWNO's coastal reporter.