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Iconic Culinary Legends

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

What does it take to make a name for yourself in the restaurant business? You need nerves of steel, the heart of a hero, and maybe you have to be a little bit crazy. This week we’re visiting with chefs and restauranteurs who are legends in the business.

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We begin with Northshore legend, Pat Gallagher. Pat has been a major player in the industry there since 1978. At a time when other restaurateurs are shrinking their business,

Pat's growing his. We discuss his journey to culinary success, driven by his

passion for food and his love of home.

Chef is a culinary legend in the Pacific Northwest. Since opening his first restaurant in 1989, the Dahlia Lounge, Tom has become a fixture in the contemporary dining scene in Seattle, Washington. In March, he closed 12 of his 13 restaurants, laying off 850 employees. Yet, the visionary chef is undaunted. He shares with us the ups and downs of his career and his vision for the future.

Finally, the unabashed, unapologetic chef Donald Link tells us the story of how he became a culinary celebrity in his home state of Louisiana. You can listen to the uncut, uncensored version of our 2014 interview with him here.

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

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