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Black History Month on WRKF

WRKF brings you interviews, performances, conversations, and stories looking at the African-American experience.

Selected Shorts: A Celebration of Langston Hughes
Sunday, February 18 at 5pm

This program celebrates the protean literary master and social activist Langston Hughes (1901-1967). It features two of his most striking works. In “Passing” Hughes reflects on a difficult aspect of the Black experience—the need some felt to “pass” as white. Also, a performance of one of Hughes most celebrated works, “The Blues I’m Playing,” which charts the long and complex relationship between a brilliant young Black pianist and her white patron. Both stories reflect Hughes’ explorations of questions of race, identity, and personal destiny. Also, the show will include a much-anthologized favorite, “Thank You, Ma’am,” in which a feisty older woman sets a young boy on the right path. The reader is Pauletta Washington.

Witness History: Black History Month
Sunday, February 18 at 6pm

A new special hour-long edition of Witness History from the BBC World Service, bringing together some incredible interviews looking at the African-American experience. Told by people who were there, we hear stories that are fascinating, harrowing, and inspiring.

The Stoop: Black Love
Sunday, February 25 at 5pm

While many Black folks say they never heard ‘I love you’ growing up, we know we communicate our love in our own special ways. From our words, to dance, to the everyday sounds that surround us, we explore the special ways we express and feel the love. We hear the experiences of the men at San Quentin State Prison with the words ‘I love you’, we visit the world of the sensual slow dance Chicago Steppin’, plus we ask some well-known Black personalities about the sounds that inspire feelings of love in their everyday lives.

ISeeU: Seeing (Me) Is Believing with author Tami Charles
Sunday, February 25 at 6pm

When Tami Charles’ son was in kindergarten, he asked her: “If Dr. King was such a good guy who wanted all these wonderful things for everyone, Mommy, why did the bad guys hurt him?” She knew then that she would need some tools to talk about racism to a young child. So, the former New Jersey school teacher, penned an award-winning children's book to help her navigate through the intense conversations with her son.

Take Me to the Water
Sunday, February 25 at 7pm on WRKF Classical

A special focusing on harpist Ashley Jackson’s program “Take Me to the Water,” recorded at American Public Medias studios. “Take Me to the Water” is an immersive audio experience that touches on themes from African mythology, the antebellum spiritual tradition and water’s transportive, transmogrifying nature. Listen on WRKF Classical, 89.3 HD2 on your digital HD radio or online at

Adam is responsible for coordinating WRKF's programming and making sure everything you hear on the radio runs smoothly. He is Newscast Editor for the WRKF/WWNO Newsroom. Adam is also the Baton Rouge-based host for Louisiana Considered, our daily regional news program, and is frequently the local voice afternoons on All Things Considered.