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The News Roundup - Domestic

A person leaves a WeWork office in Berkeley, California.
A person leaves a WeWork office in Berkeley, California.

This was an off-year election week to remember. Virginia Gov. Glen Youngkin lost out as Democrats took control of both chambers of his state’s legislature, scuppering his desire to restrict abortion rights. In Kentucky, Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear retained control of his office after making abortion a central issue of his campaign.

And five GOP candidates took the debate stage in Miami this week, all doing their best to grab the attention of Republican primary voters. And while the attention was largely on foreign policy, recent polls show voters are more worried about what’s happening at home.

The Supreme Court is signaling that it will uphold a ban on accused domestic abusers owning guns.

WeWork, the office-sharing giant, filed for bankruptcy this week. In 2019, the company was valued at $47 billion.

We cover the most important stories from around the country in the domestic hour of the News Roundup.

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