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Voting On Election Day Is A Big Deal For 2 Women


All right. This morning, we're hearing from voters about what it was like to cast their ballots on Election Day. In Des Moines, Iowa, Taylor Voss (ph) spent the night in the ER with stomach pains, but then she told her doctor she had somewhere to be.

TAYLOR VOSS: I was straight up just like, as long as I get out by, like, 8:30 so I can drive to my polling place, that'd be great.


And in Asheville, N.C., Claire Ryan (ph) voted this year, as she always does, motivated by tradition that her mother started.

CLAIRE RYAN: The main, most important part of it was - if you don't vote on Election Day, you're not getting dinner.

INSKEEP: Claire's mother passed away years ago, but her family still lives by this rule.

RYAN: It's gone on to the next generation. I sent a message to my siblings ealier today, and my sister said that she met her son at the polling place. And he looked up and said, guess we both deserve dinner tonight.

INSKEEP: Our former colleague Michele Norris was observing that rule on Election Day, saying that in my house, if you don't vote, you don't eat.

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