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Entergy doesn’t want to reimburse overcharged customers; encore interview with John Schroder

Aubri Juhasz

The Louisiana Public Service Commission and the New Orleans City Council argue Entergy, the region’s power company, owes $550 million in refunds to customers on top of the more $100 million it’s already agreed to pay. These refunds stem from a long-running lawsuit that accuses Entergy of mismanaging the Grand Gulf nuclear plant in Mississippi.

Davante Lewis, public service commissioner for Louisiana’s third district, tells us why he believes Entergy is on the hook for reimbursement and why it’s important to foster competition in the state’s energy market.

Primary elections are just around the corner and we’re continuing to re-air our conversations with candidates running for governor. Today, we listen back to a conversation with state treasurer John Schroder.

In June, Schroder, one of several Republican candidates, spoke with Stephanie Grace, editorial director and columnist for The Times-Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate, about his experience working in law enforcement, his climate policy agenda and what he hopes to accomplish if elected.

Today’s episode of Louisiana Considered was hosted by Karen Henderson. Our managing producer is Alana Schreiber and assistant producer is Aubry Procell. Our engineer is Garrett Pittman.

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Karen Henderson is an award-winning journalist whose stories have aired nationally on NPR.
Aubry is a reporter, producer and operations assistant in Baton Rouge.