Scott Wilfong

Democrat Mary Patricia Wray and Republican Scott Wilfong spend the hour discussing election fraud, the Capitol Hill Mob, and the 2022 Louisiana Senate race.

WRKF Meteorologist Dan Holiday updates us on Hurricane Sally’s track. E. Faye Williams and Scott Wilfong debate the state of the Presidential Race.  Terri Cheney previews her book about living with bipolar.

Republican political consultant Scott Wilfong and Louisiana Voice publisher Tom Aswell discuss the November election.

Democrat Melissa Flournoy and Republican Scott Wilfong debate the mask mandate and more. The Advocate’s Mark Ballard discusses the ongoing Jeff Landry/John Bel Edwards feud.

Republican political consultant Scott Wilfong and Democratic political consultant Mary-Patricia Wray take the hour to debate the state of the Presidential race, allegations against Joe Biden, vote by mail, and more.

Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser on his trip to Canada. Mary Patricia Wray and Scott Wilfong discuss the State of the Union and more.

Democrat Susan Nelson and Republican Scott Wilfong share views about the state and national political scene. Advocate Capitol Bureau Chief Mark Ballard takes a peek at 2020 politics.

Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell and political consultant Scott Wilfong assess the gubernatorial contest on election eve in Louisiana. Highland Coffees proprietor Clark Cadzow notes 30 years of service at the gates of LSU, an area considered a graveyard for businesses. 

Democrat Mary Patricia Wray and Republican Scott Wilfong square off on the governor’s election four days away from the Oct. 12 primary. Famed Sports Sociologist Harry Edwards chimes in on the wisdom of paying college athletes after the signing of bill allowing this by California Gov. Gavin Newsom. 

GOP Political Consultant Scott Wilfong and former Democratic Party Communications Director Susan Nelson exchange views on state and national politics. Investigative Reporter Nick Bryant, who placed the unredacted black book of Jeffrey Epstein, surveys the landscape following Epstein’s suicide in prison.