Scott Wilfong

Republican political consultant Scott Wilfong and Democratic political consultant Mary-Patricia Wray take the hour to debate the state of the Presidential race, allegations against Joe Biden, vote by mail, and more.

Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser on his trip to Canada. Mary Patricia Wray and Scott Wilfong discuss the State of the Union and more.

Democrat Susan Nelson and Republican Scott Wilfong share views about the state and national political scene. Advocate Capitol Bureau Chief Mark Ballard takes a peek at 2020 politics.

Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell and political consultant Scott Wilfong assess the gubernatorial contest on election eve in Louisiana. Highland Coffees proprietor Clark Cadzow notes 30 years of service at the gates of LSU, an area considered a graveyard for businesses. 

Democrat Mary Patricia Wray and Republican Scott Wilfong square off on the governor’s election four days away from the Oct. 12 primary. Famed Sports Sociologist Harry Edwards chimes in on the wisdom of paying college athletes after the signing of bill allowing this by California Gov. Gavin Newsom. 

GOP Political Consultant Scott Wilfong and former Democratic Party Communications Director Susan Nelson exchange views on state and national politics. Investigative Reporter Nick Bryant, who placed the unredacted black book of Jeffrey Epstein, surveys the landscape following Epstein’s suicide in prison.

Democratic political strategist Mary Patricia Wray and Republican Scott Wilfong exchange views on state and national politics. Dr. Hayim Herring discusses generational conflicts detailed in his book “Connecting Generations,” which focuses on bridging the divide between Boomers, Gen Xs and Millenials.

Democrat Eddie Ashworth and Republican Scott Wilfong exchange views of the political landscape exactly six months before the Oct. 12 primary. Music Critic John Wirt looks at Blues Fest in Baton Rouge and the French Quarter Fest in New Orleans. Author Lisa Wingate talks about her appearance at the Main Library tomorrow night and her book about a notorious scandal in wich the director of Memphis adoption agency kidnapped and sold children to wealthy families across the nation.

Daniel Erspamer, CEO of the Pelican Institute for Public Policy, discusses his organization, which is described as a non-partisan research and educational organization. The think tank was on the front lines of criminal justice reform and is a voice for free markets in Louisiana. Democrat Dayne Sherman, Southeastern Louisiana University Professor, and Republican Scott Wilfong square off on major issues in the governor’s election and President Trump’s decision to call a national emergency to build a wall at the Southern border of the U.S.

Mary Patricia Wray, the strategist who helped Gov. John Bel Edwards win the governor’s election four years ago joins Republican activist Scott Wilfong to weigh in on the 2019 governor’s election and the federal government shutdown as President Trump addresses the nation tonight. Wilfong was a Louisiana elector for Trump. Libertarian Mike Wolf, a prominent Baton Rouge lawyer, comments about the government shutdown and assesses a controversial case involving Louisiana Judge Wayne Ray Chutz. The Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal Judge has sued an ex-girlfriend, seeking the return of a $62.000 diamond ring and reimbursement of more than $30,000 in expenses. Talk Louisiana remembers Elvis Presley on the 84th anniversary of his birth.