Revenue Estimating Conference

2017 'Blame Game" Aims at the REC

Apr 24, 2017
Sue Lincoln

In the 2016 sessions, House members were ready to blame the state's budget problems on inaccurate fiscal notes from the Legislative Fiscal Office. Now it;s time for the 2017 version of the “Legislative Blame Game”.

“REC is always wrong,” Appropriations chairman Cameron Henry has said.

House Committee Begins Budget Debate

Mar 29, 2017
Sue Lincoln

The House Appropriations Committee met at the Capitol Tuesday to begin discussing the Governor's proposal for next fiscal year's budget.

“Because of the limitations on dollars available from the Revenue Estimating Conference," explained Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne, "we’re not able to show you a budget that does everything the Governor feels it ought to do.” 

Budget Guillotine Poised to Drop

Jan 13, 2017
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When the Revenue Estimating Conference meets this morning, “They will peg a number that we are short in the current midyear,” says Governor John Bel Edwards. “I’ve been told to expect up to a $300-million shortfall.”

'The Longer We Wait, The Worse It Gets'

Dec 14, 2016
Louisiana House of Representatives Broadcast Archives

The Revenue Estimating Conference met Tuesday to determine just how many millions short the state’s budget will be for the current fiscal year.

“Somewhere between 257 [million] and 464 [million] is a real adjustment that will need to be made,” explained Speaker of the House Taylor Barras (R-New Iberia).  

That's in addition to the $313 million shortfall in last year's budget, both of which must be accounted for by June 30th, the end of this fiscal year.

Shortfalls To Be Handled Sequentially

Nov 16, 2016
Sue Lincoln

The Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget meets Friday to acknowledge the state collected $315 million less in revenue than needed for fiscal year 2016. 

“What We Need Is Job Growth”

Nov 11, 2016
Sue Lincoln

The state’s Revenue Estimating Conference met Thursday, to officially acknowledge the shortfall for the fiscal year that ended July 1st.

“The bottom line: $315.5 million less in General Fund direct revenue collected, relative to expectation or forecast for FY 16,” Legislative fiscal analyst Greg Albrecht announced.

S. Lincoln

We often talk about the Revenue Estimating Conference, but did you know that since 1990 the state is supposed to have other estimating conferences for education, criminal justice, health and social services, and for transportation?

Despite Flood, "Rainy Day" Fund Off-Limits

Sep 28, 2016
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The previous fiscal year ended July 1st, but we still don’t know how deeply in the hole the state ended up.

Not-So-Happy Fiscal New Year

Jul 1, 2016

No confetti showers or champagne toasts greeted today’s start of the new fiscal year. Instead, there’s massive uncertainty.

“I’m assuming you’re not betting your house on your forecast?” State economist Jim Richardson asked.

“I’m not betting any of my money on this,” Legislative fiscal anaylyst Greg Albrecht replied, with a rueful laugh.

House Budget Day Drags On

May 13, 2016
Sue Lincoln

The longest day of the legislative year began with the Revenue Estimating Conference dashing some House members hopes for more money.

“Is there any reason to change that forecast?” REC chairman Jim Richardson asked.

“Based on what we’ve heard, it seems to me that there is no reason to change the forecast,” Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne responded.

“Mr. Speaker?”

“Mr. Chairman, I would agree,” House Speaker Taylor Barras responded, with a sigh.