President Trump

Loyola University Law Professor Andrea Armstrong looks at 25 deaths in the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison in a five year period between 2012 and 2016.


Attorneys Mike Wolf and Bill Grimley comment on the validity of non-disclosure agreements in the White House, the removal of the security clearance for former CIA Director John Brennan and the trial of former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort.

New Orleans singer Phillip Manuel reflects on the rich musical legacy of Aretha Franklin. The Queen of Soul died Thursday in Detroit at age 76. 



African-American activists Darrell Glasper and Collis Temple discuss President Trump's statements directed at Black Americans. Glasper and Temple were college basketball stars at Southern and LSU, respectively. Glasper, a Republican, is a former baton Rouge Metro Councilman. Temple, a Democrat, is a prominent businessman and integrated the LSU basketball program in 1970.

Ron Fein, Legal Director for Free Speech for People, analyzes the prospect of impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

Musician Leesa Gentz of the Hussy Hicks on the Australian group's performance in Baton Rouge. 

Rev. Chris Andrews, former pastor of First United Methodist Church in Baton Rouge, assesses the popularity of President Trump with white evangelicals in Louisiana and in the nation. Dr. Rickey Hill, chairman of the political science department at Jackson State University, remembers the slaying of two Southern University students, Denver Smith and Leonard Brown, in 1972. They were involved in a peaceful protest and their killings have not been solved 46 years later.

Law Professor and former Louisiana Democratic Party Communications Director Susan Nelson and LSU Political Scientist Jeff Sadow exchange views on Gov. Edwards and President Trump as they survey the political landscape in Baton Rouge and across the nation.


Celebrated Paleontologist Steve Brusatte offers new history to a lost world in his book: “The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs.”



Angus Kennedy, author of “Bitter Sweet,” on his reputation as the world’s leading chocolate taste. Quin Hillyer, conservative columnist and commentator, offers criticism of President Trump for his presidential and personal conduct. Public Service Commission Chairman Eric Skrmetta praises President Trump for his 18-month performance in office and warns utility companies not to disconnect service during a record heat wave. Mark Ballard, Capitol Bureau Chief for the Advocate, assesses the race for Secretary of State and looks at the re-election prospects for Congressmen Clay Higgins and Garret Graves.

Former CNN Chief Political Analyst Bill Schneider (pictured) on the nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. President Trump makes his announcement tonight on his choice to succeed Anthony Kennedy on the high court. Mary Durusau of the Old State Capitol and Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist Walt Handelsman of The Advocate talks about a major exhibit opening this week.


Ronnie Jones (pictured), head of the Louisiana Gaming Control Board, on regulating gambling in our state.

Moses Evans, Justice of the Peace in East Baton Rouge Parish, on the three year anniversary of the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage.

Princeton Professor Lauren Wright on President Trump’s speaking style.



LSU Law Professor Phillip Hackney on his New York Times editorial calling for a criminal investigation of President Trump and his tax obligations. (Pictured)


LSU Professor Joseph Giame on the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Waver Oberservatory being designated a historic physics site.


Singer Phillip Manuel and bass player Bill Grimes on their Thursday performance at the LSU Music School.


Advocate reporter Tyler Bridges on the latest developments regarding the special legislative session.



Wallis Watkins

Republican Scott Wilfong and Democrat Melissa Flournoy exchange views on the start of the seventh special session at the Louisiana Capitol in 29 months and 17 months of President Trump.

Writer Ann Hood on the legacy of Paul McCartney on his 76th birthday. Hood’s book is “She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.”