Paul Maassen

Department of Environmental Quality Secretary Chuck Carr Brown discusses the state of the environment two years and nine months into the term of Governor John Bel Edwards. Dr. Brown says wastewater is Louisiana’s top environmental challenge. WRKF President and General Manager Paul Maassen provides an update on Public Radio in Baton Rouge as WRKF starts its Fall Member Fest. Dr. Justin Frank, clinical professor of psychiatry at the George Washington Medical Center and New York Times bestselling author, discusses his latest book: “Trump on the Couch, Inside the Mind of the President.” Dr. Frank is the author of the bestseller “Bush on the Couch.”

We took a couple of minutes out of our inaugural episode of Talk Louisiana to speak with Paul Maassen, General Manager and President at WRKF in Baton Rouge and also General Manager at WWNO in New Orleans. Maassen says he wants to see programs like Talk Louisiana become a place where we can have a thoughtful, civil discussion about politics, public affairs, and current events.