Morgan Lamandre

Up first, Morgan Lamandre, Legal Director with Star Advocates to discuss recent LSU sexual misconduct accusations, Title IX, and how rampant sexual assault is on campuses. Award winning journalist Harvey Wasserman joins Jim to talk about the Presidential election. Rounding out the show will be Lady Carlson with Together Baton Rouge who were major advocates against Amendment 5. 

State Rep. C. Denise Marcelle discusses her run for Mayor. Republican strategist Elizabeth Dent and Democratic activist and STAR head Morgan Lamandre discuss the role of women in the upcoming presidential election.

Wallis Watkins

The Louisiana Board of Ethics voted on Friday to allow political candidates to use campaign funds to pay for certain child care expenses. Some say the decision breaks down a barrier that working parents, especially women, face getting on the ballot.

Attorney Morgan Lamandre, who lost an Ethics Board ruling for child care expenses, comments on the decision. Lamandre is a legislative candidate and was seeking to defray costs historically covered by campaign accounts. Sportswriter Mark Kram looks at the playoff clash between the Eagles and Saints, the 50th anniversary of Joe Namath and the New York Jets beating Baltimore 16-7 in Super III and the 75th anniversary of the birth of former Heavyweight boxing champion Joe Frazier, a biographical subject of Kram.