Mike Strain

Ag Commissioner Mike Strain discusses the impact of coronavirus on the state agricultural economy, and the possibility that the virus can spread to cats. Former New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial on the virus’s impact on New Orleans.

Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain on the status of hemp in Louisiana and the governor’s election. Strain was re-elected to a fourth term on Oct. 12. Advocate Capitol Bureau Chief Mark Ballard on Republican responses to Ukraine scandal testimonies, the Governor's race, and the future of St. George. Singer Susan Cowsill on her upcoming performance at the Dyson House November 7th. 

Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain with the latest on the impact of tariffs on Louisiana farmers and the cultivation of marijuana in Louisiana. Investigative Reporter Dan Moldea on the next move by Congressional Democrats after Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s testimony last week before two U.S. House Committees.

Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain comments on the state of the state’s largest industry with an update on marijuana in Louisiana. Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Tyler Bridges assesses the legacy of John Alario, who has toiled 48 years in the Louisiana Legislature. Matt and Donna Saurage of Community Coffee preview an LPB documentary about 100 years of success for the Baton Rouge company.

Wallis Watkins

Rice is one of Louisiana's signature agricultural products. But it’s more than just the base for gumbos and étouffées - it’s an economic driver across the state. So lawmakers in Louisiana recently passed a bill aimed at protecting the industry by defining what is rice and what isn't. 

Soybean Tariff Hits Home For Louisiana Farmers

Aug 21, 2018
Wallis Watkins

Soybeans are a $700-million dollar industry in Louisiana.  It’s the second largest row crop industry, just behind sugar cane. So when China imposed a tax on imported soybeans, it put a financial strain on farmers across the state. 

United Soybean Board / Flickr Creative Commons

Louisiana plants more soybean per acre than any other row crop in the state. Last month, China introduced a tariff on American soybeans, making them 25% more expensive for Chinese buyers. The move was a response to tariffs announced by President Trump on Chinese goods. How will the soybean tariff impact Louisiana farmers? 

Commissioner of Agriculture Mike Strain discusses passage of the Farm Bill and the implications of a trade war. Tyler Bridges of The Advocate updates the budget impasse at the Capitol. Ronnie Anderson, president of the Louisiana Bureau, comments on his 30th year as head of the 143,000 member group.

  Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain on his recent farming tour with Governor John Bel Edwards and prospects for trade with Cuba. WAFB anchorwoman Donna Britt on plans for the holidays. LSU Music Professors Brian Shaw and Bill Grimes on their performances next week at the Manship Theatre. 

On today's program live from the Louisiana Farm Bureau convention, Commissioner of Agriculture Mike Strain addresses agricultural topics, including trade with Cuba and the sugar industry and its response to trade with Mexico.