Mental Health

Steven is an addict. He has been off of drugs for six years now, and says he maintains his sobriety by regularly attending a Narcotics Anonymous support group.

Life has changed dramatically in Louisiana over the past week as officials ask the public to limit contact with others and socially distance or isolate. Thousands are jobless or considering shutting down businesses, many of us are working from home (along with kids and spouses), anyone with flu symptoms is facing two weeks of isolating quarantine, and many others are worried about hospitalized family members in isolation.

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The suicide of an inmate at the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison is raising concerns among prison reform advocates and some city-parish officials about the quality of mental health services available inside to parish jail.

Martine Turner and Kellie Bertrand of the Louisiana Spirit Crisis Counseling Center talk about mental health issues stemming from the historic flood of 2016.

Traumatic experiences like major floods can have psychological ramifications. Since Hurricane Katrina, FEMA has sent money to Louisiana to provide counseling for survivors struggling with poor mental health every time a disaster hits the state.

A program called Louisiana Spirit has been providing that service to victims near Baton Rouge since the floods last August. But as the one-year anniversary approaches, the program is winding down — leaving some victims in the lurch.

Aaron Blackledge of the Crisis Intervention Center in Baton Rouge talks about reports of increased stress in our community amid economic and personal pressures created by the Historic Flood of 2016.

Wallis Watkins

Three of Louisiana’s four major candidates for Governor are displeased with the state’s incarceration rate and lack of alternative mental health programs. 

Insight: Dr. Beau Clark

Aug 14, 2015

The Lafayette theatre shootings last month brought the issues of mental health commitments and gun rights to the forefront once again. In Louisiana, coroners are often involved in initiating the process that can lead to long-term commitment. East Baton Rouge Coroner Dr. Beau Clark speaks with Sue Lincoln about the safeguards and pitfalls of mental health protective orders.

Court Hands Down Healthcare Sentences

Jul 6, 2015

Inside the 22nd Judicial District Court in Covington, 20 Behavioral Health Court clients await their turn in front of Judge Peter Garcia and his team. The one thing missing: lawyers. 

Once court is in session, a young man walks through the swinging doors, approaches the team. There’s the judge, two case managers, two probation officers, a mental health clinician and a peer support specialist.

Study Finds Having Been Through Disaster Not All Bad

Jun 15, 2015

In 2005, Dr. Katie Cherry, Director of LSU’s Life Course and Aging Center, was studying the healthy aging of 90-year-olds in Baton Rouge. And then Hurricanes Katrina and Rita struck.