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Democrat Melissa Flournoy and Republican Scott Wilfong debate the mask mandate and more. The Advocate’s Mark Ballard discusses the ongoing Jeff Landry/John Bel Edwards feud.

Melissa Flournoy and Darrell Glasper debate Joe Biden’s recent controversy and the state of the 2020 race. New York Times reporter Nikita Stewart on her book about Troop 6000.

Professor Jeff Sadow of LSU Shreveport and former state lawmaker Melissa Flournoy debate the fate of the governor’s race and the state of the presidency. Saints Coach Sean Payton in an interview with Graham Bensinger comments on President Trump and gun control. Dr. Gail Gross discusses her book “How to Build Your Baby’s Brain.” 

LSU Professor and Researcher Brooks Elwood on the significance of LSU’s Indian Mounds, which are the oldest structures in the Western Hemisphere at an estimated 9,000 years. Former Louisiana Lawmakers Troy Hebert and Melissa Flournoy remember their mutual friend Kathleen Blanco and differ on the performance of President Trump. Dr. Benjamin Runkle, who was awarded a Bronze Star in Operation Iraqi Freedom, assesses the impact of America’s WWII leaders. His book is “Generals in the Making, How Marshall, Eisenhower and Their Peers Became the Commanders Who Won World War II.”

Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life, and onetime lawmaker Melissa Flournoy, also former head of Planned Parenthood in Louisiana, exchange views on the 2019 Louisiana Legislative session with issues of abortion, the death penalty and the Equal Rights Amendment have taken center stage. Sports Illustrated former editor Kevin Cook unveils his new book, “Ten Innings at Wrigley, the Wildest Game Ever” about the Phillies 23-22 win over the Cubs on May 17, 1979, 40 years ago today.

Former State Lawmakers Ben Bagert, a Republican from New Orleans, and Melissa Flournoy, a Democrat from Shreveport, square off about their views on state and national politics. Thursday, the U.S. Senate voted 59-41 against the emergency order from President Trump to build a wall at the Southern border. Louisiana’s Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy were among 41 Republicans taking the side of the President while a dozen GOP Senators voted with 47 Democrats voting against the order. Former University of Louisiana-Monroe Professor Samuel Mitcham, a historian and author of 40 books, discusses his latest work about German military leader Erwin Rommel, a complex figure from World War II. Major General Mitcham was a U.S. Army helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War.

LSU Shreveport Political Scientist Jeff Sadow and former state lawmaker Melissa Flournoy, President of Louisiana Progress, exchange views on the state and national political scene with Sen. John Kennedy possibly ramping up for a challenge to Gov.  John Bel Edwards and President Trump absorbing substantial losses in the midterm elections. Bayou Brief Publisher Lamar White on why the Mississippi U.S. Senate Race between Cindy Hyde-Smith and Mike Espy has implications in Louisiana.

Former Democratic Louisiana lawmaker Melissa Flournoy of Shreveport and GOP activist and former U.S. Senate candidate Rob Maness exchange views about the forecast and impact of the midterm Congressional elections. We also hear from Jessica Rosgaard of WWNO with her feature on Amendment No. 2, which would eliminate non-unanimous jury verdicts in Louisiana.

Democrat Melissa Flournoy and Republican Scott Wilfong assess the political terrain in Baton Rouge and in the Beltway. 

Former Grant Parish District Attorney Ed Tarpley on non-unanimous jury verdicts in Louisiana as lawmakers debate changing the state law. 

Advocate Bureau Chief Mark Ballard on a week at the Capitol as nursing home residents were warned of losing their homes because of budget challenges.

Pictured: Melissa Flournoy 

LSU-Shreveport Political Scientist Jeff Sadow and former state lawmaker Melissa Flournoy of Shreveport square off on the political turns in Baton Rouge and the Beltway. Senator Sharon Hewitt explains her support for legislation regulating Uber and Lyft in Louisiana. Writer Michael Lennon recaps the contributions to the 60s of the controversial Norman Mailer.