Manuel Martinez

World famous tailor Manuel Martinez analyzes how the two presidential candidates presented themselves at last night’s debate. Louisiana Good Roads President Ken Perret asks the question, is the November 3rd ballot just too long? Professor Jean Schroedel discusses voting in Indian country.

Celebrated tailor Manuel Martinez discusses fashion in the Covid-19 Era and the challenge of serving clients without taking measurements.

Advocate Capitol Bureau Chief Mark Ballard looks at a potential soft roll out as Gov. Edwards weighs changes to his stay at home order.

 Style writer Dana Thomas discusses her book “Fashionopolis” which examines the clothing industry with is a 2.4 trillion dollar annual business with one of six workers on the Earth connected to it. Baton Rouge tailor Manuel Martinez reflects on 35 years as one of America’s most celebrated clothiers and how the industry is evolving. Glenn Guilbeau of the USA Today Network and James Moran of Tiger Rag comment on the Saints 30-28 last second win over Houston and LSU’s impressive 45-38 victory at Texas.

Celebrated tailor Manuel Martinez of Baton Rouge discusses summer fashion trends and the styles of the rich, famous and infamous. Actor Louis Herthum of Baton Rouge, star of Westworld, recaps his career, the politics of Hollywood and the wisdom of film tax credits.

Celebrated tailor Manuel Martinez details fall fashion choices and assess the sartorial styles of the rich, famous and infamous. The Baton Rouge clothier has three times won the competition at the International Congress of Tailors. Former LSU football great Tommy Casanova on the Tigers’ game Saturday at Auburn and his experiences in football, medicine and government. The College Football Hall of Famer from Crowley was a three-time All-American, an NFL standout, a successful ophthalmologist and state senator. Ginny Stibolt on climate friendly gardening. 

Capitol Bureau Chief Mark Ballard of the Advocate on the Special Session budget chaos. 

Renowned Tailor Manuel Martinez of Baton Rouge on summer fashion. 

Dr. Jacques Berlinerblau on the complex legacy of writer Philip Roth.

Renowned tailor Manuel Martinez has been in Baton Rouge since 1984 and has been recognized for his work three times at the World Congress of Tailors.

Jim Engster speaks with former Minnesota Governor, ex pro wrestler & author Jesse Ventura about the current state of government, and Manuel Martinez of Martinez Custom Clothier discusses men's fashion.

Jim begins the show with East Baton Rouge Mayor-President Kip Holden. They talk about Holden's recent reelection and the issues he’s dealing with as he begins his third term.

Then, Jim visits with famous tailor Manuel Martinez. They talk about the ever-changing world of fashion as well as how certain well-known figures dress and how they should dress.