Kevin Cope

Former LSU Faculty Senate President Kevin Cope and Stephanie Riegel comment in the search for a new leader at LSU. Riegel reveals the top home sales in Baton Rouge. Dr. Neal Barnard talks about his book, “Your Body in Balance.”

Public Service Commissioner Eric Skrmetta comments on his role with the Trump Administration and rising costs of utilities in Louisiana. Former LSU Faculty Senate President Kevin Cope discusses the abrupt resignation of President and Chancellor King Alexander, who is leaving LSU for Oregon State. LSU Music Professor Brian Shaw previews the 8th Annual Cool Winter Nights, Hot Jazz at the Manship Theatre. 

Advocate Reporter Andrea Gallo reflects on her series about abuse in the LSU Greek System and former LSU Faculty Senate President Kevin Cope provides the view on fraternities from the campus. Author E.R. Ramzipoor previews her book “The Ventriloquists,” which provides new context to fake news based on what happened in Nazi Germany.

Paul Starr, Princeton Professor and founder of The American Prospect  magazine, discusses wealth disparity in the United States and elsewhere. His book is “Entrenchment, Wealth, Power, and the Constitution of Democratic Societies.” Former LSU Faculty Senate President Kevin Cope addresses the uncertainty at LSU where President King Alexander is the subject of various rumors about his departure. Eric Peterson, Pelican Institute Director of Public Policy, analyzes the Fresh Start Act that passed the Louisiana House with no dissenting votes. It removes barriers to help formerly incarcerated individuals receive occupational licenses to reintegrate to society.

LSU Professor Kevin Cope talks hazing and other LSU issues. Sophie Hannah discusses holding grudges. Julie Bogart on her Brave Writer program.

Veteran LSU Professor Kevin Cope on the controversy at the state’s flagship university over changing admission standards. Advocate Capitol Bureau Chief Mark Ballard on admission standards and the politics of funding LSU at the expense of other state institutions. Author Linda Kay Klein on her book: “Pure, Inside the Evangelical Movement that Shamed a Generation of Young Women and How I Broke Free.”

Wednesday, October 1,2017: Kevin Cope

Nov 1, 2017

  LSU Professor Kevin Cope discusses a forum on higher education to be held Thursday at the Claiborne Building.            


Louisiana State University Faculty Senate President Kevin Cope discusses the impact of budget cuts on the university and on faculty morale. He addresses the effect on students with the reduction in TOPS benefits.

Cope says LSU's faculty has shrunk in the past two years from 1,425 to roughly 1,200 full-time people today.

All About That Base: Jindal Rallies the Faithful

Jan 26, 2015

Rather than attending the Washington, D.C. Mardi Gras festivities, or Iowa’s Freedom Summit for GOP presidential hopefuls, Governor Bobby Jindal courted a base for a possible 2016 presidential run, keynoting both the Louisiana Right to Life March and his own “The Response” prayer rally. The two events were held concurrently on the campus of LSU.

Elvis Presley's last fiancee Ginger Alden joins us today to promote her new memoir Elvis & Ginger: Elvis Presley's Fiancee and Last Love Finally Tells Her Story. Ginger talks with Jim about meeting Elvis as a kid, and then later again as an adult when she finally got to see the inside of Graceland and almost instantly fell in love with the King of Rock n' Roll. She was 20 years old when Elvis, then 41, brought her to Las Vegas and where they began their courtship. In Ginger's memoir she tells of their whirlwind romance, Elvis's bouts of rage, her rare ventures beyond his Graceland bedroom, as well as the day that she found him dead on the bathroom floor.

Also, the loquacious and frequent guest on the show, LSU Faculty Senate President Kevin Cope joins Jim in studio to give listeners an update on the happenings around campus. He and Jim touch on the recent controversy concerning the DKE fraternity and a sign they displayed this past week. They also discuss LSU Faculty salaries, LSU Football (or concussion-ball as Kevin calls it), the ratio of whites to blacks in and around campus, and much, much more concerning LSU and the Professors who work it's campus.