Fred Dent

Financial analysts Fred Dent and Andy Anderson assess the markets after an 800 point drop of the Dow Jones average on Wednesday. Veteran journalist and anchorman George Sells talks about CNN’s Chris Cuomo getting into a shouting match with men who called Cuomo “Fredo.” Megan Foster Kelly discusses her group “Mompreneurs,” combing business and family.

Advocate Capitol Bureau Chief Mark Ballard on the academic scandal at America’s top colleges, the slim prospect of Congressman Steve Scalise entering the governor’s race and the politics of the death penalty in Louisiana. Financial advisors Brian Low and Fred Dent assess market conditions in the first quarter of 2019. Is the stock market a safe haven with rising interest rates and a dramatic rise in deficit spending? Musical prodigy James Linden Hogg comments on his passion and talent on display a few weeks ago at a sold out Manship Theatre.

Jeremy Alford, Publisher of LaPolitics comments on the 2019 gubernatorial race and assesses the impact of a federal judge’s ruling in Texas striking down the Affordable Care Act. Financial analysts Andy Anderson and Fred Dent assess the stock market after Friday’s two-percent fall in the Dow-Jones Industrial Average. Journalist Matt Geiger on his unconventional portrayal of Americans that he showcases in his book “Astonishing Tales.”

State Senator John Milkovich, D-Shreveport, on his bill to restrict abortion access after 15 weeks of pregnancy and what happens with the prospect of a more conservative U.S. Supreme Court.

Financial Analysts Andy Anderson and Fred Dent on the impact of the exploding debt on the stock market and the results of a trade war with China on Louisiana and national economy.

Financial analysts Fred Dent and Andy Anderson on the market downturn and the implications of higher interest rates. Professor Kyle Longley on his book: “LBJ’s 1968, Power, Politics and the Presidency in America’s Year of Upheaval.” Actress Jency Hogan on the upcoming Louisiana International Film Festival.