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Senator-Elect Franklin Foil discusses the new look Legislature that will be seated at the State Capitol on Monday. Author Zach Williams remembers LSU football coach Bo Rein who died 40 years ago today in a plane crash. Ron Higgins, editor of Tiger Rag, previews the LSU-Clemson national championship game Monday night at the Superdome.

Rep. Franklin Foil assesses his Senate quest against Beverly Brooks Thompson. Rep. Julie Stokes comments on her fight against breast cancer. 

Best-selling author Ace Atkins, former Auburn football star, on his latest work, “The Shameless,” a Quinn Colson novel. State Representative Franklin Foil on traffic concerns that are taking center stage in the Senate race between Foil, fellow Republican Steve Carter and Democrat Beverly Brooks Thompson. Renowned artist Xavier Cortada comments on the Annual Arts Summit of Baton Rouge on July 15-16.

Wallis Watkins

The Louisiana House unanimously approved a bill last week that would no longer allow the state to prevent victims of sexual harassment or assault from speaking publicly about their case when it’s settled with taxpayer dollars. 

Some lawmakers say Louisiana’s constitution makes it difficult to address the state’s budget crisis. So Rep. Franklin Foil (R-Baton Rouge) says it should be rewritten, at least in part. That hasn’t been done since the 1970s. 

TOPS Task Force Named

Aug 4, 2017
Mark Carroll

What to do about TOPS? The popular college scholarship program has grown from $50-million in 1999, to a cost of nearly $300-million this year, and Louisiana is facing a $1.2-billion drop in revenues next year.

“Doing nothing is not an option moving forward,” says Representative Franklin Foil of Baton Rouge.

A Somber House Changes Budget Stance

Jun 15, 2017
courtesy: youtube

A somber mood dominated the Capitol Wednesday, following the early morning news that Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise had been shot.

TOPS Tweak for 2021 Advances

May 24, 2017
courtesty: LOSFA

A bill to increase the grade-point average to qualify for a four-year TOPS award is headed to the Senate – but not without some controversy along the way.

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“We’re trying to get away from having consistent midyear cuts, which, as of right now, the only way I can think of doing it is not appropriating all of the money,” House Appropriations chair Cameron Henry said, as he called for his committee to approve what he referred to as a “standstill” budget, spending just 97.5% of the revenue forecast for the next fiscal year.

Legislators Talk Budget Philosphy

Apr 3, 2017
Sue Lincoln

What began as a legislative preview seminar at the LSU Law School morphed into a philosophy lesson when lawmakers were asked, “How do you balance wants and needs in budgeting policy?”