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As 2018 draws to a close, Governor John Bel Edwards says he’s pleased with the progress that’s been made, and he remains optimistic about the future of Louisiana.

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Increasing the minimum wage, expanding equal pay for women, strengthening policies against sexual harassment — these are all goals Gov. John Bel Edwards wanted to achieve in the regular session. But last week, all three policies hit a wall. 

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Earlier this week, the full Senate rejected bills that would establish a state minimum wage and expand equal pay for women in Louisiana. On Thursday, a labor committee showed there's not much appetite for those policies in the House, either. 

Sarah Gamard/LSU Manship School News Service

Appearing before the Senate Labor committee Thursday, Gov. John Bel Edwards urged members to pass equal pay and minimum wage legislation. 

"Traveling Through Another Dimension..."

May 4, 2017
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A full day of action at the Capitol Wednesday often took on the qualities of the Twilight Zone.

In the House Municipal Affairs Committee, there was Shreveport Representative Thomas Carmody’s bill to require elections in order to remove military monuments.

Madhu Beriwal is the CEO of IEM, a global consulting firm focused on emergency management and homeland security. Beriwal is one of Louisiana’s pioneer female CEO's. She is here to talk about equal pay and her role in the disaster management industry for the past three decades.

Texas A&M

Texas A&M historian Elizabeth Cobbs talks about her contention that American women consistently lag behind other countries in victories for equal rights. Cobbs is in New Orleans, and her discussion coincides with Gov. John Bel Edwards, who declares he will renew his push for equal pay legislation.

Passing on the Chance to Change Headlines

May 20, 2016
Sue Lincoln

Thursday, the Capitol was still buzzing over the battle of the sexes played out in the House the day before. Even Governor John Bel Edwards weighed in on the controversy.

“It was in bad taste, and it wasn’t funny,” Edwards said, adding the lady legislators were right.

Pay Equity Takes Senate Stage Today

Apr 12, 2016

This afternoon, Louisiana’s full Senate considers the Equal Pay Act, which seeks a way to close the gender pay gap. Louisiana women earn — on average -- 65 cents for every dollar Louisiana men earn.

“We know we’re not doing something right, if we’re on the bottom – 51 out of 50 states and Washington, D.C.,” says Julie Schwam Harris with the Legislative Agenda for Women. “If we’re not making progress, we know that the law that currently exists is not adequate for us.”

Louisiana’s gender pay gap has been growing about a penny per year lately.

Equal Pay Bill Passes Full Senate

May 13, 2015

Louisiana’s Senate approved a bill requiring private businesses to provide equal pay for equal work, and setting up a mechanism for enforcement.

“This bill is important to our wives, our mothers, and our daughters. But it’s equally important to our fathers and sons,” said New Orleans Senator J. P. Morrell. “The message we’re sending to people around this state is that we believe that people should be paid equal pay for equal work.”

The debate over Senator Edwin Murray’s SB 219 was fierce, with the business lobby pushing lawmakers to vote no.

“All we’re doing with this bill is we are putting one more little nail in the coffin of businesses across the state,” said Senator Jack Donahue.