Elizabeth Crisp

Actor John Schneider discusses his efforts to continue filming during the statewide lockdown, and offers coronavirus advice. Former Advocate reporter Elizabeth Crisp discusses the state of D.C. during the COVID crisis. Rabbi Barry Weinstein explains how he’s keeping his congregation together, and offers a reading.

The big news out of Washington this week is house Democrats unveiling of two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, charging him with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress surrounding his dealings with Ukraine and conduct during the subsequent investigation.

As the inquiry continues, members of Louisiana's congressional delegation on key committees and in leadership roles are positioned to influence these historic proceedings.

Here to discuss is Elizabeth Crisp, Washington Correspondent for The Advocate. 

  Advocate Reporter Elizabeth Crisp on the move by Senator Sharon Hewitt to address sexual harassment cases in state government. The Advocate is also asking women to come forward anonymously and tell their stories. Pollster Bernie Pinsonat on the political climate in our state less than two years from the next statewide election cycle. Author Anne C. Bailey of Binghamton University on her book, “The Weeping Time, The Largest Slave Auction in American History.” 

  Dr. Nadia Brown, Associate Professor and African American Studies at Purdue, reflects on her book “Sisters in the Statehouse: Black Women and Legislative Decision Making.” Women and minorities remain distinct minorities in elected positions. Angele Davis, former Commissioner of Administration and candidate for Treasurer, comments on her campaign with the primary set for Oct. 14. This is the first of the interviews with the candidates. Elizabeth Crisp, Capitol Reporter for the Advocate, will discuss the race for treasurer the looming fiscal cliff that is now less than nine months away.