Dan Moldea

Veteran investigative reporter Dan Moldea discusses impeachment. America my Oyster founder Bea Gyimah on their upcoming event. Dr. Donald Green on Dale Brown Day.

Reporter Dan Moldea comments on the impeachment hearing by the House Judiciary Committee and the search for the remains of Jimmy Hoffa, missing since 1975. Dr. John Dickson , Chair of the LSU Choral Program, talks about the annual LSU Candlelight Concert. 

Danny Heitman, editorial writer for The Advocate, comments on state and local politics and his award winning column “At Random.” Dan Moldea, well known investigative reporter, surveys the landscape in the Beltway where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has opened an impeachment inquiry against President Trump. 

Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain with the latest on the impact of tariffs on Louisiana farmers and the cultivation of marijuana in Louisiana. Investigative Reporter Dan Moldea on the next move by Congressional Democrats after Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s testimony last week before two U.S. House Committees.

Investigative reporter Dan Moldea on the upcoming appearance before Congress of former special counsel Bob Mueller. U. S. Senator John Kennedy details his conversion on abortion and why he won’t vote to approve judges who support Roe v. Wade.

Investigative Reporter Dan Moldea, the journalist who exposed the sex scandals of Newt Gingrich, Bob Livingston and David Vitter, comments on the release of the redacted 448-page Mueller Report. Board members Greg Davis and Linda Johnson of the T.M. Landry College Preparatory School in Breaux Bridge assess the investigation into the small private school that gained national attention for sending underserved black students to elite colleges nationwide.

Investigative Reporter Dan Moldea assesses testimony before the U.S. House Oversight Committee from former Trump attorney Michael Cohen. Mark Ballard, Capitol Bureau Chief for The Advocate on the prospect for the City of St. George and Louisiana Congressional members votes on background checks for guns. Celebrated Author Greg Isles of Natchez on his latest work “Cemetery Road” about a journalist in Mississippi.

Mark Ballard, Advocate Capitol Bureau Chief, comments on a week in which a new battle over the state budget started. Dan Moldea, veteran investigative reporter in Washington D.C., updates what is happening with the Mueller probe of President Trump and a bipartisan call from lawmakers to take action against Saudi Arabia.

Investigative Reporter Dan Moldea assesses the embattled nomination of U.S. Supreme Court aspirant Brett Kavanaugh. Moldea says he met secretly with Kavanaugh when the then 33-year-old lawyer was top assistant to Ken Starr in the investigation into President Clinton’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Author Lawrence Goldstone discusses his book “Unpunished Murder, Massacre at Colfax and the Quest for Justice.” This is the account about the death of more than 100 unarmed African-Americans in Grant Parish. Author Tammy Lynn Stoner talks about her book, “Sugarland.” This is the story of a female prison cook at a penitentiary in 1923. 

Beltway based investigative reporter Dan Moldea, the writer who broke stories to change the political futures of Louisiana politicos Bob Livingston and David Vitter, speculates on the mystery surrounding the anonymous op-ed piece about President Trump from a high-ranking member of his administration. Amputee bicyclist Niki Rellon comments on her trip from San Francisco to Key West with a stop in Baton Rouge.