Dan Claitor

Senator Dan Claitor and Rep. Steve Carter reflect on three terms in the Legislature as they depart office after 12 years at the Capitol. Carter lost to Franklin Foil by four votes in his quest to represent citizens in District 16, the seat vacated by Claitor. 

Republican Dan Claitor and Democrat Jim Nickel comment on the gubernatorial primary with Governor Edwards being forced into a runoff with challenger Eddie Rispone and Claitor’s vacated Senate now a tie between Franklin Foil and Steve Carter for second place behind Beverly Brooks Thompson. 

Wallis Watkins

Lawmakers have renewed an effort to eliminate the death penalty in Louisiana. A Senate committee passed a bill Tuesday that would leave the decision up to voters. 

Wallis Watkins

While the Affordable Care Act faces a challenge in federal court, Louisiana’s Governor and Attorney General are offering competing bills to protect coverage of pre-existing conditions in the state.

But on Wednesday, it became clear to lawmakers like Senator Jay Luneau (D-Alexandria) that without help from the federal government, the state can’t afford to do that.

Incorrigible? Act 277 May Need A Do-Over

Nov 2, 2017
Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice

"We've been told by the United States Supreme Court, 'You guys have to fix this,'" Baton Rouge Sen. Dan Claitor said, when he brought this year's bill to restrict sentencing juveniles to life without parole.

But Act 277, Louisiana's legislative response to the 2016 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Montgomery v Louisiana, may need a do-over.

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The session’s first criminal justice reform bill is headed to the Senate floor. SB 16 by Dan Claitor addresses the problem of those previously sentenced to life without parole when they were juveniles.

Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Bernette Johnson explained the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that penalty unconstitutional in several cases.

State Senator Dan Claitor of Baton Rouge
Sue Lincoln

State Senator Dan Claitor of Baton Rouge is co-authoring a bill proposing to abolish the death penalty in Louisiana. The prohibition on the death penalty would take effect after July 30th.

Senate Preps for Troy Brown Disciplinary Hearing

Feb 15, 2017
Kevin Frey

Louisiana’s full Senate convened as a disciplinary committee Wednesday morning, preparing for next Monday’s hearing on whether or not to remove Napoleonville Senator Troy Brown from office.

Committees Okay Medicaid Contract Extension

Oct 7, 2016
Sue Lincoln

The legislature's Joint Health and Welfare Committee met Thursday to consider a contract extension for the company that processes the state's Medicaid bills.


“I guess we all know by now that Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the nation.”

And that’s what prompted a new performance audit by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor, looking for the reasons why. Karen LeBlanc with the auditor’s office told a state senate committee they examined data from the Department of Corrections for the years 2009 through 2015.