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On the ballot in Louisiana this November is Amendment 7, a proposal to set aside and protect money from the state's Unclaimed Property Fund.

Believe it or bewilderedly not, it's time to vote in the 2020 election.

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Voters will have the final say on four proposed constitutional amendments when they head to the polls next month.

While most voters' will be focused on the gubernatorial candidates at the top of their ballot, they know little about the constitutional amendments down below.

Edwards campaign: Schroder campaign

Less than 14-percent of Louisiana’s three million registered voters cast ballots in Saturday’s statewide election, but they sent the Treasurer’s race to a runoff next month between Democrat Derrick Edwards and Republican John Schroder.

A Constitutional Solution to the Fiscal Cliff?

Oct 2, 2017

With the current trio of constitutional amendments on the ballot, voters are being asked to prohibit some taxes and lock away the proceeds of others. But doesn’t that contradict what we’ve been hearing from many state lawmakers?


Today we continue the conversation with Public Affairs Research Council president Robert Travis Scott, looking into the proposed constitutional amendments on the October 14th ballot.

Amendment 3 sets up a new dedicated fund for transportation construction.

There’s a trio of proposed constitutional amendments on the October 14th ballot, and PAR’s Guide to the Amendments is out now.

“We don’t tell you how to vote. We give you all the facts and let you make up your own mind,” says Public Affairs Research Council executive director Robert Travis Scott.

Vanilla Language for a Banquet of Amendments

May 23, 2017
Rex Fortenberry

The House Civil Law Committee began working through proposed constitutional amendments Monday.

“Right now there are 50 constitutional amendments out there,” staff attorney Robert Singletary advised the members.

They weren’t debating the content of the amendments, just okaying the ballot language, in case any of those measures make it through the legislative process.

To Dedicate or To Undedicate

May 16, 2017
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“What we constantly are hearing is ‘Our hands are tied because we have dedicated funds in the constitution’,” Baton Rouge Representative Franklin Foil reminded the House Appropriations Committee Monday.

But the question of whether to dedicate or undedicate state funds may ultimately be left to voters, as state lawmakers are moving forward with constitutional amendments proposing to tie up more money, as well as one to unlock funds that are currently off limits.

On the Ballot: Constitutional Amendments, Part 2

Oct 24, 2016
S. Lincoln

“We have six constitutional amendments that voters statewide will be making their choice on.”

With the help of Public Affairs Research Council president Robert Travis Scott, we found out about the first three amendments Friday. Today we’re getting the rundown on the remainder, beginning with Amendment Four -- a property tax exemption.