Cleo Fields

LSU interim President Thomas Galligan talks about the start of classes, football, and tailgating. Our Lady of the Lake and LSU Health New Orleans infectious disease expert Dr. Catherine O’Neal and Baton Rouge Senator Cleo Fields discuss whether it is safe to have high school sports in the fall.

Baton Rouge Senator Cleo Fields discusses his call for the suspension of K-12 athletic competitions in the fall. ULL Poli Sci Professor Jason Maloy on calls for a closed primary in Louisiana. Jennifer Carwile and Abel Thompson of Together Baton Rouge education listeners on the election process for the Civil Service Board.

Sarah Gamard / LSU Manship School News Service

 On Thursday, state senators quietly granted final legislative approval on a measure establishing a task force to study policing practices and excessive uses of force against people of color. 

The results of the study will lay the groundwork for broader police reform legislation next year.

Senator Cleo Fields of Baton Rouge previews the session and gives the latest on precautions against coronavirus. Author Ariana Neumann on her father’s survival in Nazi Germany. Chef Elana Horwich discusses her book “Meal and Spiel.”