Cameron Henry

A Day Early, But Still $600-Million Short

Jun 6, 2016
Sue Lincoln

It’s not unusual for the Legislature to meet on the weekend before the session ends, but it is out of the ordinary when they get the budget bill done a day early. That’s what happened yesterday evening.

“The dynamics of this session is quite a bit different from anything else we’ve gone through, because you all know that these items will be readdressed on Tuesday,” Senate Finance Committee chair Eric LaFleur told the upper chamber, as he presented the conference committee report.

Sue Lincoln

The House took up the Senate amendments to the current year Supplemental Appropriations bill today – the amendments that yesterday took 7 million dollars from an escrow account in the Attorney General’s office.

Needs, Wants and TOPS

May 11, 2016

The House Education committee advanced a bill Tuesday changing TOPS allocations during a budget shortfall. Committee chair Nancy Landry is the author.

“If there was a five percent shortage, then everyone would get five percent less,” she explained.

Budget Maneuvers: Appropriating the A.G.

May 10, 2016
Sue Lincoln

As House Appropriations took up the budget bill Monday, it sounded like the Governor and Approps chair Cameron Henry might finally be on the same page.

“The good news is: there are no fund sweeps. There are no one-time revenues lined up against recurring expenditures,” Governor John Bel Edwards told the Baton Rouge Press Club, while Henry told his committee:

“We do not have any use of one-time money for re-occuring expenses, or sweeping of funds. And I’ll give this administration for only spending the money that we actually have.”

Cutting Our Way to the TOPS

Apr 26, 2016
S. Lincoln

Although we’re past the halfway point of the legislative session, House leaders say they are still about three weeks away from moving the budget bill, HB 1. So Senate Finance Committee members got an update on the budget proposal Monday.

Shreveport Senator Greg Tarver asked about rumors the House is trying to make big changes.

“We hear they’re talking about cutting other things to fully fund TOPS.”

Will Animosity Further Cripple the Budget?

Mar 14, 2016
Sue Lincoln

There are more than 1200 bills filed for the regular legislative session which starts today, but the one of greatest concern is undoubtedly House Bill 1 – the budget.

“We have to fashion a budget, with the revenue that’s available, that’s going to be $800-million short,” Governor John Bel Edwards said, following the close of the special session last Wednesday.

Impasse Over the Budget Math

Mar 1, 2016
S. Lincoln

The House and the Senate have been at an impasse for the past 24 hours, with the House sitting on any further revenue raising bills. The lower chamber is refusing to budge until a Senate committee takes action on the budget cuts in Cameron Henry’s HB 122.

“There’s been a lot of discussion that ‘We don’t need to raise any revenue. We can do it by making cuts’,” Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne observes.

Henry Gives Alario Indigestion

Mar 1, 2016
Mark Carroll

Cameron Henry brought his budget cutting bill before the Senate Finance Committee yesterday, and Senate President John Alario cross-examined the Appropriations Committee chairman about the mood of the House.

“You see any more appetite in the House for making much more cuts at this point?” Alario asked during the hearing on HB 122.

“I think members are going to continue to work through that process because we need to,” Henry responded, “Assuming that you-all don’t send us an absolutely perfect bill.”

GoFundLouisiana ?

Feb 26, 2016
screen capture S. Lincoln

The House convened its Thursday floor session more than an hour late, and went straight to Cameron Henry’s HB 122, to slash $117-million more in state spending.

“We have to balance cuts with revenue,” Henry began.

The measure was immediately peppered with amendments, and before long, the Speaker called a recess. Huddles in the hallways ensued. An hour and a half later they reconvened, and surprise!

Tensions Run High Ahead of House Votes

Feb 25, 2016

With the full House meeting most of the day to debate and vote on revenue-raising measures, tension is abundant.

The House money committees got an early start, and despite Appropriations chairman Cameron Henry’s comment Wednesday, that he was “not really in a rush to deal with the Senate just yet.”

The committee began with the Senate measure to tap another $128-million from the Rainy Day fund.

“We pretty much have to do it,” Henry said, clearly displeased.

Appropriations also agreed to the bill to use the first $200-million coming from BP.