Bob Jacobsen

Hydrologist and professional engineer Bob Jacobsen on Louisiana’s challenges with climate change and the continuing battle to stop coastal erosion.

Advocate Capitol Bureau Chief Mark Ballard on a new poll showing Gov. John Bel Edwards with a 65-percent approval rating. What does this mean for his re-election chances, and Louisiana’s congressional delegation voted for the Trump tax plan with the exception of Democrat Cedric Richmond of New Orleans.

Since rainfall blanketed southeast Louisiana in August 2016, residents have wondered how the state can protect its people from future floods. Answering that question begins with understanding the geography we live in.

Former Louisiana Governor and candidate for Louisiana's 6th Congressional District Edwin Edwards joins us for the first part of today's show. Edwards discusses his stance on certain issues like abortion, the U.S.-Mexico border, American troops in Afghanistan, and much, much more.

Southern University Faculty Senate President Dr. Thomas Miller and Vice President Dr. Albert Samuels drop by the studio to discuss their disagreements with SU President Dr. Ronald Mason and the remarks Dr. Mason made on our show on Monday.

Also, Bob Jacobsen from the Louisiana Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers closes out today's show with Jim to discuss the ASCE Louisiana Chapter's 100th anniversary this year. The anniversary will be celebrated this Saturday August 9th at the Renaissance Hotel in Baton Rouge, La.