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New Orleans is officially a one newspaper town - and it's The Times Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate. 

In May, the Advocate purchased its rival news organization and now the two brands have merged. WWNO's Karl Lengel spoke with the paper's editor, Peter Kovacs.

Former Louisiana Democratic Executive Director Trey Ourso. Journalist Marc Ambinder reflects on a close call in 1983 as the U.S. and the Soviet Union weighed the prospect of a nuclear exchange. Ambinder’s book is “The Brink.” Advocate Bureau Chief Mark Ballard on qualifying for the Secretary of State election, controversy on the Metro Council and Gov. John Bel Edwards facing Bayou Bridge protestors.

Former state lawmaker Elbert Guillory, head of minority outreach for the Louisiana GOP, and Rev. Reginald Pitcher (pictured), a Democratic activist,  square off on issues from Baton Rouge to the Beltway.

Advocate Capitol Bureau Chief Mark Ballard on the resolution of the budget impasse one week before the fiscal cliff.

Democrat Lamar White and Republican Darrell Glasper (pictured) exchange views on President Trump and Governor Edwards as the special legislative session enters its final week.

Capitol Bureau chief Mark Ballard of The Advocate on the action in House committees Thursday to address the fiscal cliff.



LSU Law Professor Phillip Hackney on his New York Times editorial calling for a criminal investigation of President Trump and his tax obligations. (Pictured)


LSU Professor Joseph Giame on the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Waver Oberservatory being designated a historic physics site.


Singer Phillip Manuel and bass player Bill Grimes on their Thursday performance at the LSU Music School.


Advocate reporter Tyler Bridges on the latest developments regarding the special legislative session.



Capitol Bureau Chief Mark Ballard of the Advocate on the Special Session budget chaos. 

Renowned Tailor Manuel Martinez of Baton Rouge on summer fashion. 

Dr. Jacques Berlinerblau on the complex legacy of writer Philip Roth.

Chance McNeely, Executive Director of the Louisiana Motor Transport Association, on the plight of truck drivers in Louisiana. Mark Ballard of the Advocate comments on the final stretch of the Regular Session with lawmakers duking it out in bar rooms over legislative disputes. Tracy Fessenden, professor at Arizona State University, on her book about jazz singer Billie Holiday and her connection to religion in her music.

Former State Representative Raymond Jetson on this week’s Urban Congress for African-American Males to be held in Baton Rouge. Jetson is also former pastor of Star Hill Church, located a block from where Alton Sterling died in July of 2016. We will talk with him about the aftermath of the decision to file no charges against Officer Blane Salamoni. Elizabeth Crisp of the Advocate on her revelation that a state lawmaker, Rep. Dodie Horton, was pushing “fake news” to make her point on a key piece of legislation.

Editorial page editor Danny Heitman from the Baton Rouge Advocate talks about the conditions at LSU's Middleton Library.

Greg Hilburn

Stephanie Grace of the Advocate joins us to talk about President Donald Trump, health care, and Governor John Bel Edwards.

Greg Hilburn from the News-Star joins us to talk about politics from his viewpoint in the northern regions of the state.