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With rising gas prices, some advocate for more drilling, while others raise environmental concerns

Oil barge in Louisiana
Courtesy of Louisiana Oil and Gas Association
Oil barge in Louisiana

Today on Louisiana Considered: with gas prices on the rise, we hear from two sides on the oil extraction debate. And, we learn about an upcoming food and beverage competition in New Orleans.

The rise in oil prices in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been a challenge for many American consumers. Mike Moncla, president of the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association, tells us why he believes the U.S. should be increasing its oil production at this time.

But while most Louisianans are unhappy about the increase in gas prices, not all agree that increasing our own drilling is the answer. Cyn Sarthou, executive director of Healthy Gulf, an environmental advocacy organization, tells us more about alternative solutions to oil extraction.

May 26 isFood Fight, a food and beverage competition between local New Orleans restaurants and spirit brands. Proceeds from the event will benefit the PLEASE Foundation, a nonprofit that provides mentoring, leadership training and scholarships to at-risk students in the city.

Festival producer Shake Finkelstein and director of the PLEASE Foundation, Yvette Endom,tell us how this tasty competition will benefit New Orleans youth.

Today’s episode of Louisiana Considered was hosted by Adam Vos. Our managing producer is Alana Schreiber and our digital editor is Katelyn Umholtz. Our engineers are Garrett Pittman, Aubry Procell, and Thomas Walsh. 

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Adam is responsible for coordinating WRKF's programming and making sure everything you hear on the radio runs smoothly. He is Newscast Editor for the WRKF/WWNO Newsroom. Adam is also the Baton Rouge-based host for Louisiana Considered, our daily regional news program, and is frequently the local voice afternoons on All Things Considered.
Alana Schreiber is the managing producer for the live daily news program, Louisiana Considered. She comes to WRKF from KUNC in Northern Colorado, where she worked as a radio producer for the daily news magazine, Colorado Edition. She has previously interned for Minnesota Public Radio in St. Paul and The Documentary Group in New York City.