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Louisiana Considered: Killian & the Comeback Kids to perform live at the Zeitgeist Theatre

David J. Phillip
  • Karl Lengel hosted this Wednesday’s episode of Louisiana Considered.
  • Film director and actor Taylor Purdee joins us to discuss his most recent musical film, “Killian & the Comeback Kids” (2020). The cast, composers and filmmakers will host a live Q&A session and performance of selected songs from the film this Friday, Oct. 15 at the Zeitgeist Theatre in New Orleans.
  • Meteorologist Dan Holliday talks about Hurricane Pamela, which made landfall on Mexico’s Pacific coast near Mazatlan. The storm’s remnants are expected to hit Texas by Thursday morning.
  • In a segment originally aired on the podcast “70 Million,” radio producer Eve Abrams follows up on her series “Unprisoned,” which explored the impact of New Orleans’ criminal legal system on the lives of residents. This segment breaks down how the system passes its costs onto arrested individuals.
Karl Lengel has returned to New Orleans to serve as WWNO’s local host for All Things Considered, a post he held here pre-Katrina. Besides radio, Karl has had a long theatrical career too; read on to learn all about our talented and versatile announcer!
Aubry is a reporter, producer and operations assistant in Baton Rouge.