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Mathematical Modelling And The COVID-19 Pandemic

Mar 3, 2021
Travis Lux

Some scientists and health experts are racing to find treatments and to develop a vaccine to stop the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. And others are saving lives in a different way, by developing mathematical models.

But what is a mathematical model, and how can it save lives?
A mathematical model works like a weather forecast. Based on things we know about COVID-19 today, a model can predict how many people it will affect, where, and when. Models also help us predict how well different mitigation strategies like face masks will work.

Covid-19 Testing And Virus Monitoring

Feb 12, 2021
Louisiana State University

It’s becoming increasingly clear our era will be defined by a fundamental split: the period before COVID-19, and the new normal that will emerge in the post-viral era. Physical distancing and total lockdowns may not be enough to push us into our new normal. Testing remains a critical component to overcoming the coronavirus. 

LSU Professors Stephania Cormier, a respiratory immunologist, and Rebecca Christofferson, an emerging viruses expert, developed a saliva-based test to help track COVID-19 in K-12 school children and teachers in Baton Rouge.