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“Louisiana Considered” showcases South Louisiana's biggest stories and features interviews with journalists, newsmakers, and artists. The show is a collaboration between the WWNO and WRKF newsrooms. 

Patrick Madden and Stephanie Grace hosted Friday's episode of Louisiana Considered. 

Karl Lengel hosted Wednesday's Louisiana Considered.

Louisiana Considered: Fallout From The Extreme Weather

Feb 23, 2021

Karen Henderson hosted Tuesday's Louisiana Considered 

Patrick Madden and Stephanie Grace co-hosted Friday's "Politics Roundtable" on

Thursday's episode of Louisiana Considered included: 


Karl Lengel hosted Wednesday's Louisiana Considered.

Phoebe Jones for WWNO

Tune in for the inaugural episode of Louisiana Considered.

Tune in for the inaugural episode of Louisiana Considered.

  • Meterologist Dan Holiday and WRKF's Paul Braun give an update on the wild weather that's hitting the region.

  • Political columnist Stephanie Grace of The Times Picayune | New Orleans Advocate on Sen. Bill Cassidy's big vote in this weekend's Senate impeachment trial.