WRKF is What We Listen to Together

Jul 16, 2013

We do have the rule of whoever has the steering wheel has the radio. -- Dustin Puryear
Dustin and Ellie Puryear

Dustin is from Central. Ellie is from Italy. He is the CEO of Puryear IT. She works as an independent virtual assistant as Jelly Bean Toes. Both are avid WRKF listeners.

Dustin has been enjoying shows like The Jim Engster Show and Fresh Air since he was in college at LSU. He started supporting the station by donating a small amount.

Realizing he was listening to WRKF all the time, Dustin elevated his support. Now he and Ellie are part of the Circle of Friends.

I do get sucked in though, whenever it's on and I'm in the truck with him -- Ellie Puryear