These Perennial Summer Vines Enjoy The Sun

Jul 29, 2018

Credit Rick Bogren / LSU AgCenter

Summer flowering vines can add color and fragrance to any landscape. They could add shade and screening if they're allowed to cover an overhead structure. No other group of landscape plants can provide the same effect that vines can.

This week, we'll talk about a selection of perennial vines that can thrive even during the blistering heat of Louisiana's summer and are best planted in full to part-sun areas of the garden.

Rosa Montana, Rosa de Montana, Coral Vine has delicate sprays of small, rosy-pink flowers, with flowering most abundant in the late summer and early fall. It's native to Mexico and goes dormant in winter.

Coral Honeysuckle is well-behaved as far as vines go. The blue-green evergreen foliage with silver an underside is distinctive.

Evergreen Listeria has dark green shiny foliage and deep purple fragrant flowers produced all summer long.