Special Session Could End Early With No Solution To Fiscal Cliff

Mar 5, 2018

Louisiana’s special legislative session could come to an early close Monday, with no fix for next year’s billion-dollar budget shortfall.

Members in the House have been deadlocked for the past two weeks, unable to agree on whether to rely on sales tax or income taxes to fill the budget hole for next year.

The House failed to pass a sales tax bill last night. So far, they haven’t moved a single bill over to the Senate that would address the fiscal cliff.

Senate President John Alario says he's not optimistic anything will change today.

"We came here with the idea of solving a serious problem in the state, and then we go home and have not done that," he said.

Gov. John Bel Edwards will hold a press conference after the House adjourns Monday evening, a move that typically marks the end of a session.