Rainy weather could drown your garden

Jul 1, 2017

Credit LSU AgCenter

Here in Baton Rouge, we have received a teremendous amount of rainfall these past few weeks. You could consider it excessive. But, technically, how much is excessive rainfall and how should it be dealt with?

Frequent rainfall over very long extended period of time, such as one and a half inches of rain every other day for twenty days, could be considered excessive. To the contrary, one single heavy rain event, say five inches in one day, would not be considered excessive rainfall.

One inch per week is an ideal amount for a garden to maintain a thriving rainscape. Unfortunately, our weather isn't this consistent.

About 50% of a soil system is solid. The other 50% is a combination of either air or water, depending on rainfall. When the portion that is normally air is persistently occupied by water, the root tips won't be able to get the oxygen they need. Wilting occurs.