New COVID-19 Data Shows Disproportionate Number Of Black Deaths In 9 of 11 Parishes

Apr 21, 2020
Originally published on August 12, 2020 4:15 pm

The latest addition to the Louisiana Department of Health's publicly availably COVID-19 data is a breakdown of deaths by race in 11 of the state's 64 parishes.

The tables also provide the exact known population of each listed race in each parish.

A New Orleans Public Radio analysis of the data shows the percent of black people who have died of COVID-19 is higher than the percent of the population black people make up in nine of the 11 parishes for which data was provided. (The department only provided the data for parishes where 25 or more people died.)

Here's a look at the breakdown in Orleans Parish, where the most people (344) have died.

And here's a look at those numbers out of Jefferson Parish, where the second highest number of people (288) have died.

Black people are disproportionately affected by COVID-19 in both parishes, and that's also true in seven of the other parishes for which this data was provided. 

In the other two parishes, white people have been disproportionately affected.


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