Five Tips For The Beginner Vegetable Gardener

Jan 12, 2019

Credit Johnny Morgan / LSU AgCenter

Is starting a vegetable garden right for you? Yes, of course it is. Vegetable gardening is one of the most rewarding types of gardening a gardener could perform.

First, start small. Don't leap from a single pot to an acre. A 4'x8' raised bed is the perfect size for a beginning gardener, with just enough room for a meaningful harvest but small enough to manage.

Second, know where to get your information. The most concice pieces of information is the Louisiana Vegetable Planting Guide, which happens to be available through the LSU AgCenter.

Third, determine your nearest water source so that you don't have to transport water some unsurmountable distance.

Fourth, use tried and true varieties. New varieties aren't necessarily better than varieties from last year.

Fifth, remember that failure is also a success. Keeping a gardening journal means your failures will become learning experiences. You can also repeat what did well in your garden.