Edwards Political Tradition Lives On (At Least Another Month)

Nov 5, 2014

Edwin Edwards, with wife, Trina, addresses crowd after news of runoff.



It'll be Governor Bobby Jindal's former coastal chief, Garrett Graves, who faces former governor Edwin Edwards in the runoff for Louisiana's 6th Congressional District seat. 

As the only prominent Democrat in the 6th district race, Edwin Edwards had always been expected to make the runoff.  

Asked what he felt would be a success, Edwards said,  "anything over 35 percent."

He ended up getting 30 percent  Garrett Graves trailed close behind with 27 percent. Other Republican candidates split most of the remaining vote.

The Edwards campaign party was filled with people who have known the former governor for decades and are looking forward to his return to public office.  He was last in Congress from 1965-1972, serving what was then the 7th district.  He later served four terms as governor.

"Being 87 and with experience and knowledge of conditions and needs of this district, I think it'll give me a step up.  I'm looking forward to an interesting and vigorous runoff," Edwards said.

Renee Zumo Bass says supporting Edwin Edwards is almost like a family tradition.

"He just has a big heart.  He believes in helping people, poor and rich."

Graves, his opponent, has a more cynical view of Edwards.

"We cannot underestimate Edwin Edwards.  I'll be wearing a bullet proof vest for the next month," Graves said. 

The runoff between Edwards and Graves will take place Dec. 6.